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HUBAFRICA... what's that ?

HUB AFRICA, is both a platform, and an annual event to encourage B2B meetings, whose objective is networking and business development.

HUB AFRICA offers a forum for people to share their passions, their achievements and successes, their difficulties, but also their willingness and desire to surpass themselves and to share with those who have not yet dared to cross the ford and transform their ideas into projects.

HUB AFRICA is also an opportunity for European, American or Asian companies and incubators to enter Africa in different forms.


accumulated years of experience on the continent


Visitors with an average age of 30 years old


experts and advisors


Countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East


our principles of action nge impact is a social enterprise committed to the promotion and development of entrepreneurship in africa. through our various programs and initiatives we accompany a new generation of african entrepreneurs to find innovative, efficient and responsible answers to the needs of people and communities. our action is based on the conviction that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool in the fight against inequality and poverty in the world. nge impact wants to create a sustainable and positive impact on our society through the development of entrepreneurship and innovation. »

The Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency is responsible for promoting national and international investment and the export of goods and services. The agency is committed to supporting all economic sectors throughout their life cycle.

HUB AFRICA open to its ecosystem